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Transfluent offers effortless, multilingual communication for social media, different SaaS services and e.g. online shop and game development platforms. With Transfluent’s translation services, customers can easily and quickly translate all that they need from an individual Twitter message to entire online shops or games into the desired languages. Compared to traditional translation agencies, Transfluent’s translation services have been implemented with a new approach both in terms of technical implementation and invoicing. Technically, Transfluent’s translation services are implemented with the help of a network of 50,000 professional translators. With professional translators and Crowdsourcing technology, Transfluent can provide translations into more than 100 languages. In terms of invoicing, Transfluent’s translation services work with a Pay-Per-Use principle. The customers pay for the service they use only based on the number of translated words. Since Transfluent’s technology makes it possible to implement even short translations with a transparent invoicing system, the customers using Transfluent’s services do not have to commit to or anticipate the amount of the translation services they require.

Transfluent’s founder and CEO Jani Penttinen comments on the cooperation with Pepron: “With the help of Pepron, it will be easy for our customers to put our services into practice as a part of their own business operations, making sure that the possibilities provided by the services are utilised in a comprehensive manner” 

Pepron provides new and innovative integrated comprehensive solutions to facilitate their customers’ business operations with the help of existing and widely used cloud and mobile services. Pepron’s other partners include Zendesk, the most used customer service platform in the world, and babelforce, provider of new kinds of integrated voice services. “We look at new kinds of innovative services from the customer’s point of view, striving to find possibilities of whose existence our customers are not necessarily even aware of. Transfluent as a market leader of modern translation services is an excellent addition to our supply and it facilitates our customers’ success in international business,” says Pepron’s CEO Janne Räsänen.



Transfluent is the ultimate and most modern solution for translating languages in social media, in online environments and apps. We deliver what traditional translation agencies cannot offer – fast, dynamic and yet high-quality translation work. Transfluent connects you and your company’s digital communication channels with more than 50,000 professional translators who deliver high-quality translations quickly in more than 100 languages.

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Pepron is a consulting company focused on producing new and innovative ways to use cloud and mobile services to facilitate everyday business operations. Pepron implements integrated business solutions with the help of existing and widely used cloud and mobile services. The solutions and tools that Pepron offers are built from a customer and user perspective to meet the business needs of customer organisations. Pepron’s supply consists of consulting, cloud and mobile system delivery and maintenance of the delivered systems and related processes.

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Transfluent in action - See below how this news release is translated through Transfluent's service to Finnish, Russian, German and Norwegian languages

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