Customer Collaboration Portal


One Collaboration Interface -
Every Contact Channel

Modern customers expect and want to use modern channels for contacting your business. Channels like web-portals, chat, and different social media services like Facebook and Twitter have become as important as the more traditional phone and email channels.

At the same time these modern channels bring an ever growing, fragmented and more time consuming mass of contacts and feedback to be handled by your company

Fortunately, implementing and consolidating these channels into your existing processes is today easier than ever!

What if your customers could freely choose their preferred contact channels and easily find the information they are seeking for? 

What if informing your customers and replying to their requests would be easier than it currently is - regardless of the contact channels your customers choose to use?

What if all of your company’s customer service performance and customer satisfaction would be centrally traceable in real time - regardless of the contact channels your customers choose to use? 

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