Apocalypse Market Ltd adopts a comprehensive system from Pepron


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Publishable 5th of April 2013 at 15:00                                                                           




Apocalypse Market Ltd adopts a complete solution for their workflow management, documenting, CRM and overall customer collaboration from Pepron.

“Our integrated system with a complete tool chain suited Apocalypse Market’s needs as a startup company”, says Henrik Heusala, business consultant at Pepron Ltd: “We got to build the system for Apocalypse Market from the scratch and we didn’t have to customize our system practically at all.”

“Pepron Ltd's solution was an easy choice for us. As a startup company we value the scalability of Pepron’s system because it covers all the needs of our company very cost effectively”, Jukka Tuohimaa, CEO of Apocalypse Market Ltd, points out.

For further details contact:

Jukka Tuohimaa
Apocalypse Market Ltd
Phone +35844 511 1159
Janne Räsänen
Pepron Ltd
Phone +35840 534 4595


Apocalypse Market Ltd

Apocalypse Market develops and distributes solutions for increasing revenue in volume-limited online businesses. Revenue increase is achieved with the help of better utilization rates and average item unit prices.

Learn more at www.apocalypsemarket.com

Pepron Ltd

Pepron is a consultation and solution provider focused on bringing new and innovative ways of using cloud and mobile services into daily business. Pepron uses existing widely adopted cloud and mobile services for building complete and integrated business solutions. Pepron helps in choosing customer and user centric solutions that also satisfy the business needs of organizations. Pepron Ltd.’s offering consists of consulting, delivering of cloud and mobile systems and the maintenance of delivered systems and processes.

Learn more at www.pepron.com.

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