Working, multifaceted customer service important to Ilmaislahjat.fi




Ilmaislahjat.fi executes modern marketing campaings for their clients. By using their unique Ilmaislahjat, or Free Gifts, concept Ilmaislahjat.fi has multiplied the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns of their clients when comparing to the normal, more traditional campaing concepts.

"Reward your end-customers, we'll handle it for you", says Jani Karsikas from Ilmaislahjat.fi:" Our concept has shown that it works and our clients have been very pleased with the results they've gained". Ilmaislahjat.fi handles all campaing products related operations on behalf of their clients; orders, logistics and customer service. "Customer service is an extremely important piece in our Ilmaislahjat concept, after all we are not just responsible for providing good customer service to our clients, our clients actually trust us with providing the whole customer experience their own customers experience", says Jani Karsikas from Ilmaislahjat.fi and adds: "Implementing the leading solutions in both customer service and experience tools as well as the related processes were a crystal clear choice for us for handling Ilmaislahjat.fi's customer service."    

"Excellent customer experience is a very important part of the whole Ilmaislahjat concept, and for us to achieve that we need the very best tools with accompanying processes that lets us use these tools to their maximum benefit. We aren't afraid to claim that the services we represent, Zendesk and babelforce, integrated tightly to the Magento web shop platform offer just this, especially when we add fine tuned processes into the mix that utilize the full benefits offered by these services", claims Henrik Heusala, Business Consultant at Pepron: "With the above we can quarantee an excellent customer experience for Ilmaislahjat.fi's clients and their customers." 



Ilmaislahjat.fi deploys effective marketing campaigns for their clients. Ilmaislahjat.fi has developed a marketing tool with which acquiring new customers creates attention and brings these customers to your organisation. Whether your company celebrates a special day, event or has some other reason to consider your current or becoming customers, through Ilmaislahjat.fi service you can arrange it easily and cost effectively

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Pepron is a consulting company focused on producing new and innovative ways to use cloud and mobile services to facilitate everyday business operations. Pepron implements integrated business solutions with the help of existing and widely used cloud and mobile services. The solutions and tools that Pepron offers are built from a customer and user perspective to meet the business needs of customer organisations. Pepron’s supply consists of consulting, cloud and mobile system delivery and maintenance of the delivered systems and related processes.

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