Bringing Flea Market to the 21st Century - Vähänkäytetty.fi trusts the power of Customer Service




Vähänkäytetty.fi brings the concept of flea market into the 21st century - free and a totally new way of selling second-hand childrens clothes and recreational equipment through a web shop where sellers and buyers are individual persons. With Vähänkäytetty.fi buyers are able to buy from several different sellers with the same shipping costs contrary to the more traditional way of handling second-hand sales on the on internet. For sellers Vähänkäytetty.fi provides an unbelievably easy channel to bring their items on sale where vahankaytetty.fi handles the display of items, selling, distribution and customer service on the sellers behalf.  

"By bringing the easiness and flexability normally connected only to the sales of new products on the internet into the selling of second-hand items we answer to a clear market demand and at the same time bring the whole flea marker concept into the 21st century", says Ossi Salo, Business Director at Vähänkäytetty.fi, and continues: "From the beginning of the project we had quite a good understanding on how we wanted the whole Vähänkäytetty.fi concept to work technically and we built it based on the best and most tested solutions on the market"

Vähänkäytetty.fi's web shop is built on Magento platform where Pepron has integrated both the Zendesk customer service platform and babelforce's voice platform. "Vähänkäytetty.fi is a very interesting total project for Pepron, a modern web shop with a new concept also needs, just like a web shop selling new products, the best possible modern customer service tools and processes at their disposal and the customer experience has to be seamless regardless if the customer service is provided through chat, email, Facebook, phone or any other channel", states Henrik Heusala, Business Consultant at Pepron:" We believe that the customers of Vähänkäytetty.fi are pleasantly surprised by the level and easiness of the customer service they receive from Vähänkäytetty.fi".   



Vähänkäytetty.fi is a free and totally new kind of web shop for selling second-hand childrens clothes and recreational equipment on the internet, where the sellers and buyers are individual persons. Vähänkäytetty.fi service is all about making it easy to sell and buy second-hand items and remove the challenges faced on a normal flea market type of sales. Selling and buying is always done with a reliable company which removes the frustratingly common cases of abuse and hoax on the second-hand market. All of the customers of Vähänkäytetty.fi are protected by all the Finnish consumerism laws and the service respects normal web sales principles such as a 14 day cancellation and return policies.    

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