Iiik.fi Case: Handling Webshop Customer Service and Product Returns in a Swift


Iiik.fi concentrates on providing affordable quality products fast to its customers by acquiring large orders of spesific products around the world and housing them in one central warehouse from which products are shipped to the customer in 1-3 days. Customers buy from Iiik.fi through a Magento based webshop.

While Iiik.fi's business was growing they were faced with a constantly growing amount of customer feedback and especially the problematic product returns which are stipulated by law to be handled in a certain timeframe were consuming more and more time everyday making it hard for Iiik.fi to find time to concentrate on developing their actual business. 


Pepron and Iiik.fi met and went through Iiik.fi's problems with the customer interface. Iiik.fi's personnel had their phones constantly ringing and new emails were flooding their inboxes. The first problem to tackle was to provide a single tool and point of service for all customer feedback channels. Iiik.fi also wanted to provide their customers with customer service through chat.  

Pepron proposed using Zendesk as a customer service platform for handling all Iiik.fi's customer feedback flowing in through different channels. In excess of email Zendesk itself provided the wanted chat-functionality and a feedback tab integrated directly to Iiik.fi's webshop. An added bonus was Zendesk's ability to bring social media, especially Facebook, communications into the same tool and together with babelforce, Zendesk provided a way to integrate phone calls into the same platform. 

Because Iiik.fi was able to bring all customer feedback from email, www-site, social media (Facebook, Twitter), chat and phone channels into the same workflow managed centrally from one tool with Zendesk Pepron's proposal was easy to accept.

Further as Iiik.fi was using a Magento-based webshop, Zendesk was able to integrate all needed realtime order and customer information from Magento directly into this customer service workflow combining all feedback channels.




Second big problem were product returns constantly flowing in from customers. Product returns were handled through a form an a A4 sent to the customer with the shipment of their products and when the products were returned, going through the products together with these old school forms and reimbursing the customers was taking up way too much time.

As a solution to this problem the form was transferred to the internet and brought to the same workflow and tool as all the other communications from the customer interface.

In a practical example, when Iiik.fi's customer does a product return on his order he is now given a direct link to a webform. The customer inputs all the required details on the form the most important being the order number (from Magento) and the reason for returning the products. Once all data is inputted correctly the customer receives an automated message stating the details were correct and the product return is handled as soon as Iiik.fi receives the returned products. All product returns are collected to their own view inside Zendesk from which Iiik.fi's personnel are able to forthsee how many products are coming in and how many of them are broken vs the customer just wanted to return the product because he didn't like it. When product returns arrive, Iiik.fi's personnel can just shift through the product returns, check customers Magento order details directly from Zendesk  and either continue to reimburse the customer or if there are some uncertainties, contact the customer directly from the open issue at hand. If everything is OK, Iiik.fi's personnal can click a link which takes them directly to the right order in Magento for handling reimbursements.

Furthermore when Iiik.fi has all communications including product returns in the same tool with advanced reporting capabilities, it's very easy to track customers who might be abusing the possibility to return products.




  • A centralized view on all customer communications including phone calls
  • Ability to see all needed information from Magento for the customer directly while handling customer support in Zendesk
  • Ability to see all needed information directly for the customer from Zendesk while handling orders in Magento
  • Easy workflow for all communications
  • Reporting taking everything into account
  • Product returns handled and tracked directly from the same tool saving lots of time and money 
  • Phone calls no longer lost, Phone calls handled and tracked as an equal support channel
  • Much less headache!


  • Direct and fast communications with Iiik.fi through chat and feedback tab while browsing iiik.fi's webshop
  • Faster and better customer service
  • Much less headache!

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