Pepron delivers Zendesk to Sendanor


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Publishable 3th of May 2013 at 15:00                                                                           




Sendanor deploys a new customer support system with help from Pepron.

“We introduced Zendesk to Sendanor as a solution for streamlining Sendanor’s support processes and  tying all Sendanor’s support channels together”, says Janne Räsänen, CEO at Pepron Ltd.

“We are impressed in the way Pepron’s solution, which is built from Zendesk and Zendesk Voice, lets us gather all our customer feedback into the same place including phone calls and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter”, states Jaakko-Heikki Heusala, owner and acting CEO of Sendanor.

For further details contact:

Jaakko-Heikki Heusala
Phone +35875 325 2524
Janne Räsänen
Pepron Ltd
Phone +35840 575 4595



Sendanor provides hosting and IT specialist services. Sendanor currently operates from Finland and is preparing to start international sales.

Learn more at www.sendanor.fi

Pepron Ltd

Pepron is a consultation and solution provider focused on bringing new and innovative ways of using cloud and mobile services into daily business. Pepron uses existing widely adopted cloud and mobile services for building complete and integrated business solutions. Pepron helps in choosing customer and user centric solutions that also satisfy the business needs of organizations. Pepron Ltd.’s offering consists of consulting, delivering of cloud and mobile systems and the maintenance of delivered systems and processes.

Learn more at www.pepron.com.

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