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Sapotech migrates to using Zendesk and Atlassian products such as JIRA and Confluence with help from Pepron.

“We believe that Pepron’s solution gives us a transparent 360 view to all of our processes and does it very cost-effectively”, Saku Kaukonen, CTO at Sapotech Ltd, says:”We are impressed about how Pepron was able to bring their solutions seamlessly into our existing eco system.”

“Customer collaboration is something that has to be taken seriously especially in an industry where work with customers is mainly done in close projects”, says Janne Räsänen, CEO at Pepron Ltd:“We are very happy about the fact that Sapotech wanted to acknowledge this fact and deploy our customer collaboration portal, workflow management and documentation systems and integrate them as a part of their Office365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM eco system.”

For further details contact:

Saku Kaukonen
Sapotech Ltd
Phone +35844 540 0475
Janne Räsänen
Pepron Ltd
Phone +35840 575 4595


Sapotech Ltd

Sapotech Ltd was founded in 2012 and operates from Finland. Sapotech has a strong expert team with decades of experience and proven expertise in the fields of large-scale industry R&D, quality management, project management, software business, and business-to-business sales in the industry. Sapotech supplies innovative, high technology and high quality monitoring solutions to the Steel and Metal industry. Sapotech's solutions focus on highly challenging high temperature processes. Sapotech's solutions give clients the ability to see completely new real-time information about their processes in unprecedented detail

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Pepron Ltd

Pepron is a consultation and solution provider focused on bringing new and innovative ways of using cloud and mobile services into daily business. Pepron uses existing widely adopted cloud and mobile services for building complete and integrated business solutions. Pepron helps in choosing customer and user centric solutions that also satisfy the business needs of organizations. Pepron Ltd.’s offering consists of consulting, delivering of cloud and mobile systems and the maintenance of delivered systems and processes.

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