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Customer collaboration system build with the help of cloud and mobile services enhances the management of internal processes and improves the quality of customer service for TopOne Ltd.

Specializing in the utilization of the latest cloud and mobile services Pepron Ltd held a key role in renovating TopOne’s customer collaboration tools and processes. Initial project was started and led by an expert from Pepron and mapped TopOne’s individual needs for enhancing their customer collaboration. Based on this needs analysis Pepron commenced in an actual project tailored for the specific needs of TopOne with the goal of meeting TopOne’s needs as precisely as possible.

TopOne Ltd specializes in location service solutions and delivers a leading tracking system for road management industry. Customers include the likes of Destia and HKL in Finland. The system provided by TopOne plays a critical part in the reporting and tracking of real-time progress in the road management domain especially under harsh winter conditions. The system provides real-time data on how roads and railroads have been tended to for example during heavy snow fall. “Due to the criticality of our system for our customers we want to make sure our customers are guaranteed the best possible support when our customers need it and Pepron has helped us improve our customer collaboration and companywide processes to a whole new level”, says Sami Varpenius CEO of TopOne Ltd. “The complete service offering from Pepron from the choosing of tools all the way to deployment and maintenance lets us at TopOne focus ourselves 100% on our customers. We believe the solution we have deployed decreases our costs while at the same time improves the overall quality of our customer collaboration”, Varpenies continues. 

Pepron Ltd delivered a comprehensive development project ranging from needs analysis all the way to deployment and on-going maintenance. During the project the best tools suiting TopOne’s needs were chosen, tailored and integrated to work together as a complete system. The deployment of the system was enabled also by training TopOne’s staff. Project is continued on Pepron’s part by securing the operation of the system and by developing TopOne’s customer collaboration processes further by the possibilities created by the use of these new tools.

For further details contact:

Sami Varpenius
TopOne Ltd
Phone +35845 651 0424
Janne Räsänen
Pepron Ltd
Phone +35840 575 4595


TopOne Ltd

TopOne Ltd provides leading maintenance tracking and reporting solutions in Finland. TopOne Ltd’s systems are used for reporting and tracking at over half of the road contracts supervised by the Finnish Transport Agency. TopOne Ltd also provides location information solutions for different needs.

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Pepron Ltd

Pepron is a consultation and solution provider focused on bringing new and innovative ways of using cloud and mobile services into daily business. Pepron uses existing widely adopted cloud and mobile services for building complete and integrated business solutions. Pepron helps in choosing customer and user centric solutions that also satisfy the business needs of organizations. Pepron Ltd.’s offering consists of consulting, delivering of cloud and mobile systems and the maintenance of delivered systems and processes.

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